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Restore Orthopaedic Dog Bed

Restore Orthopaedic Dog Bed


This pet dog bed is the perfect choice for any dog suffering from painful joints. If your dog suffers from arthritis, hip or elbow dysplasia or is recovering from injury or illness then the Restore Orthopaedic dog bed is their best choice. A thick slab of memory foam will mould to your dog’s body to provide anatomical and orthopaedic support ensuring they are well-rested and re-energised.


The Restore pet dog bed comes in different colours (as above) and sizes:

Small: 50 x 40cm (20 x 16 inch)
Medium: 75 x 60cm (29.5 x 24 inch)

Large: 100 x 75cm (39 x 29.5 inch)

Extra Large: 120 x 100cm (47 x 39 inch)

Monster Size: 132 x 91cm  (52 x 36 inch)


It’s available in 3 depths (thickness):

5cm (2 inch) - for small dogs weight up to 10kg
7cm (3 inch) - for medium to large dogs up to 40kg

20cm (8 inch) - for extra large dogs over 40kg (single size: 132 x 91cm / 52 x 36 inch)



Pricing as below:







Extra Large

Monster Size

5cm Thick






7cm Thick






20cm Thick






All prices inclusive of VAT and include FREE DELIVERY for mainland UK.


Delivery is normally within 3 working days from processing your order. We will inform you if there is likely to be any delay. Your order will need to be signed for at the delivery address. Please contact us for a delivery cost for outside of the UK.




Please order the colour of the bed you require and choose the size and thickness option you prefer.

Waterproof Inner Liner


If your dog is incontinent or simply loves the water you may wish to include a waterproof inner liner for your new dog bed. Made from 100% waterproof breathable high quality PU Nylon and designed to fit the bed you have chosen.

Biscuit / Pawprint

Black Paw Print

Blue Paw Print

Waterproof Inner Liner (single colour)

Size and Thickness
Size and Thickness
Size and Thickness
Size and Thickness

Additional Covers


Why not treat your pooch to a choice of covers, all of which are machine washable. Our Paw Print designs come in a soft, but long-lasting faux fur (acrylic).

Biscuit Paw Print Additional Cover for Restore Dog Bed

Blue Paw Print Additional Cover for Restore Dog Bed

Black Paw Print Additional Cover for Restore Dog Bed

Size and Thickness
Size and Thickness
Size and Thickness