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For a good night’s sleep every night and a waggy tail in the morning
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Pet Dog Bed

Dogs can spend up to 20 hours a day lying around and sleeping. That’s not because they are inherently lazy, it’s just evolution and the new role of the domesticated pet. For a dog’s all-round good health, it’s important during this down time that their body completely relaxes and they are able to get good quality sleep.


The choice of dog bed is important for your dog’s overall well-being and care should be taken to choose an appropriate pet dog bed for your best friend taking into consideration your dog’s size, age and breed (some breeds are more likely to suffer from arthritis and hip or elbow dysplasia as they get older).


The latest technological advancement in bedding is now available to dogs as Barker and Wags has got together with a leading UK manufacturer of memory foam products to create a range of pet dog beds to suit every dogs needs.




Restore Orthopaedic Dog Bed

Best for dogs suffering from painful joints (arthritis, hip or elbow dysplasia, injury or illness) and for larger breeds of dogs


Dog Ruff Dog Bed

Restore Orthopaedic Dog Bed


Best for dogs that love the water and don’t mind getting mucky!. The Dog Ruff is waterproof, easy to clean and has a tough nylon outer cover


Dog Ruff Dog Bed


Pet Dream Veterinary Dog Bed

Best for all dogs that would like to enjoy a good night’s sleep


Round Pet Dream Veterinary Dog Bed


Memory Foam Technology


Memory Foam is a unique material that is used in the design and manufacture of the luxury dog beds on this website. It has many properties which make it an ideal material for pet dog beds.


Memory Foam reacts to heat and weight and will mould to your dog’s body shape for exactly the right support. When they change position, the memory foam will react and re-mould itself accordingly, giving continued orthopaedic and anatomic support no matter how often your dog shifts position.


Memory Foam has been a revolutionary invention and is used throughout the NHS and by professional and amateur athletes alike as it provides a quicker recovery time after injuries and a better rest after exhausting training and playing.


Your dog can now benefit from the same invention leading to speedier recovery times from injury and better rest and recuperation.


Our Restore Orthopaedic dog bed is ideal for dogs suffering from any form of joint pain including arthritis, hip or elbow dysplasia or simply recovering from  injury or illness.


Our Dog Ruff dog bed satisfies the needs of dogs that love water (and incontinent dogs) and is virtually indestructible.


Our Pet Dream range is simply the cosiest pet dog bed around. We have two varieties our round Pet Dream Veterinary dog bed and our oblong Pet Dream Veterinary dog bed.


Best for all dogs that like to spread out all over their bed!


Oblong Pet Dream Veterinary Dog Bed


Oblong Pet Dream Veterinary Dog Bed