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For a good night’s sleep every night and a waggy tail in the morning
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About Pet Dog Bed


Barker and Wags are pleased to offer Memory Foam dog beds as recommended products for dogs with  mobility issues and for all dogs to enjoy a good night’s sleep every night.


Memory Foam Dog Beds


All the memory foam dog beds featured on this website are manufactured to the highest specification in the UK. Each dog bed is checked before despatch to ensure the highest quality standards are met. Each dog bed is sold with a limited guarantee. Please check the product details for more information regarding each product.


If you are unhappy with any product purchased from this website, please contact us at as soon as possible and we will try to sort things out.


Our Restore Orthopaedic dog bed is ideal for dogs suffering from any form of joint pain including arthritis, hip or elbow dysplasia or simply recovering from  injury or illness.


Our Dog Ruff dog bed satisfies the needs of dogs that love water (and incontinent dogs) and is extremely robust.


Our Pet Dream range is simply the cosiest pet dog bed around. We have two varieties -  our round Pet Dream Veterinary dog bed and our oblong Pet Dream Veterinary dog bed.